Gift Art from other artists



Pinton and the nurse by Lord Foxhole  @ Sep, 2021
LaTo catches tha Pig by Dutch  @ Sep, 2021
Pinton by RoaryRaccoon @ Mar, 2020
Berenjilda and Gordifito by Meridianbat  @ Dec, 2019
Pinton by Dutch  @ Dec, 2019
Pinton by Simic  @ Nov, 2019
Pinton by Dutch  @ Nov, 2019
Pinton by Meridianbat  @ Apr, 2018
Pinton by Roostahfari  @ Mar, 2018
Futurepig Babies - by Meridianbat  @ Nov, 2016
Future, you are Tha Pig! - by SenGrisane  @ Aug, 2014
 "I tried to draw all the things FuturePig likes into one picture."
Meatcream - by Hacker_Raccoon
 "One of the Meat Cats from Tha_Pig's comic, enjoying an all-natural snack!"
Shootout - by Hacker_Raccoon
 "When Pinton's got a job to do, he's gonna do it well. He's gonna give the other fella HELL!"
A girlfriend for Pinton - by Rebecca

Rebecca @ Aug, 2012

This is a gift from my niece Rebecca, probably the youngest fan of my comics.
She designed a girlfriend for Pinton and her secret ninja identity.

Rebecca is 10, lives in Italy and is a fan of Tim Burton movies.


Monster Girls - by Rebecca
These are original character's from Rebecca's own creation. There are three anthro girls and their respective monster form. According to Rebecca's story these three are trained spies who at night transform and hunt men. "One kills him, the other cuts him and the other cooks him". Then they all eat him.
Pinton - by MrPandapants

MrPandapants @ Jul 4, 2011

Gift for a very good friend of mine and author of futurepig comic.

Pinton - by SeigneurRuei


(Rémi Perron) @ Nov 11, 2010

A fanart of Pinton for FuturePig, a deliciously original webcomic.


Pinton - by Dutch

Dutch @ Sept 28, 2009

Ass Kickery has a new name...

...and it's PINTON!


Pinton - by Caste

Caste Sometime back in the 1980's

My friend Ramon Castellanos (Caste) drew this version of Pinton more than 20 years ago when we were both starting our careers as artists. He also drew some hilariously obscene comics with my character. I'm sure he still has them hidden in a drawer like he had this one.

Pinton - by Scurrow

Scurrow @ May, 7  2009

Fanart with green blob background, posted on Furafinity.

Pig - by Xod

Xod @ Monday, March 30th 2009, 9:10 AM

This stunning rendering of Pinton and Leeza was a Birthday present from Xod, the master of Oekaki. Done on Deep Thinking Perverts.

Alien vs. Janitor - by Michael Gregory

This started as an inside joke on the Eyeskream message board where I commented about the Alien vs. Predator game for PSP. The game is kind of frustrating since most of the time all you have to do is to go cleaning after the aliens, picking up discarded skin and spaceship parts, so I mentioned the game should me named "Alien vs. Janitor".

As a result Michael Gregory, fellow Eyeskreamer and author of Suspicious Minds drew this cartoon of me battling Xenomorphs with a mop.


Merry Christmas! - by RooCat

Christmas artwork from RooCat for the members of the Deep Thinking Perverts drawing board.

Pinton in the lower right, with his awesome present.

Pig Based Heroes United! - by Lou Graziani

Artwork by the creator of Cy-Boar.
Space Pig - by Thegreathamster

Random gift for tha_pig :3


Space Piggie, by Edis Krad

"This is my own style rendition of Tha Pig.

I love how he draws his space, futuristic piglet. Chubby, stub yet full of kick ass personality. :3 "

The Space Ace of Whiskers, by Foshu

This wonderful project by Foshu is a deck of cards featuring characters from different furry artists. Pinton has been made into the Ace of Whiskers.

Leeza by Ogo-Pogo

"Did this for Tha_Pig.

Way long overdue.

She is from his comic The Price of Her Skin"

Pinton sketch by Lou Graziani

A sketch by Lou Graziani, creator of  Cyboar.

Character figures by Benjamin J. Hayde

Benjamin J. Hayde
"Dear Pinton:
Remember that Future Pig figure I made for you, well I finally made two of his friends into figures too."


BEWARE OF PIGS!  by Helena S.
Helena S.   Monday, November 28th 2005, 7:32 PM

"Because Pigs need love too! And guns."
(timar is liar!!11)


Action Figure! by Benjamin J. Hayde

Benjamin J. Hayde

"Dear Pinton:

I just thought I would show you the Future Pig Figure I made based on your comics & artwork.

I made the figure out of Crayola Model Magic Clay, and the guns came from one of the G.I. Joe figures I had since I was a kid."


"A tribute to your interplanetary heroics" by  Foshu and Cathi

Line: Foshu Color: Cathi

 Another great fanart  by Brentos
Brentos @ Saturday, July 31st 2004, 7:26 PM

"Hey I had to draw Pinton again. As characters go he's right up there with Daredevil and Wolverine. Flawed characters rule."

The Great Escape  by Brentos

Brentos @ Saturday, July 24th 2004, 4:46 PM

"Jeez! What's taking him so long? If he's found a food replicator I'm gonna kill him!"


Leeza loves her bacon by Surey Neko
Surey Neko   2004/4/1 (Thurs.) 15:24:07

"For Pinton on his Birthday...

This is a day late but who really cares.. what matters is that I did it with tons of effort and care!! I think I did pretty well I used a ref for Pinton's pose.. it's on like the 6th Page of "the price of skin". I may just leave it black and white just b/c that's how his comics are... that and I don't want to butcher it with color... anyways I hope Pavel likes it!!"


"Let Them Truckers Roll, 10-4."
Filesize: 12 KB -- Paint Time: 31Min10Sec

Brentos  01/22/2004 (Thu) 14:56

"Here's a surprise for Tha Pig, a superb story-teller if I do say so myself."


 Pinton and fangirls by Piou Piou Master

Piou Piou Master  2003/11/3 (Mon.) 05:09:05

"Pinton and 2 fangirls.
They can't behave themselves, he is so sexy !

Thank you for your comment on my Anubis in Comet's Oekaki some time ago."

CHIBI_KAKIERS.jpg (51359 bytes)

Submitted by Surey Neko on 8/6/2003

"Just a chibified group picture of all the Oekakiers (who have avatars) at Dave's Smut Oekaki."

Tuxedo Pinton Sama

Fan mail and Art  from Pod
"Hello there Pig,

I read your comics, and I must say, they really have balls. :) They're also some of the more imaginative science fiction comics I've read in a while, the suspense in The Price of Your Skin is killing me! I took the freedom of drawing a little something of some of your characters, they're just standing around, but that's as far as my imagination goes at 3am. [:-) "



Prize from Leigh Anna



Friday night by Brandon

Brandon  2003/4/11 (Fri.) 13:29:57

"Here's a picture of a pig. "


Birthday Art from Balki

Balky  2003/3/30 (Sun.) 21:43:02

"I tried, but alas I just can't draw pigs :/

I hope you had a good one, Pig! (: "


Birthday Art from Bloodrage

Bloodrage 2003/3/30 (Sun.) 17:59:39

"B'day suits picture for Pig. "


Birthday Art from Gr8 Ball

gr8 ball  2003/3/30 (Sun.) 15:58:25

"for monsieur pig"

--the balls


Birthday Art from XOD

Xod  2003/3/30 (Sun.) 15:12:22

"Xod baked you a cake! for Pig! >:D"


Birthday Art from Fig

Fig  2003/3/30 (Sun.) 14:51:23

"Happy Birthday pig! We still love you and your art. "

Birthday Art from Leigh Anna

Leigh Anna   2003/3/30 (Sun.) 13:42:43

"Happy Birthday, Pig! :)  "

Birthday Art from Nasha

Nasha 2003/3/30 (Sun.) 10:57:04

"Birthday art for The Pig, because I think he's just swell. "

Pig!   By NEG
neg.jpg (41779 bytes)

Neg 2003/3/9 (Sun.) 23:32:20

"Look, fanart!"


Pig in Space  By Sabine

Sabine  2003/1/30 (Thurs.) 21:20:16 Oekaki time: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 24 seconds

"I am ashamed to say that this is the only thing I have ever drawn relating to The Pig. I feel so wretched, since I LOVE his stuff. And here is Pinton himself, floating in space with no oxygen! Yet somehow, he survives . . . how? Simple, really . . . it's MAGIC!"

Pinton By Hunsvotti

Hunsvotti  2003/1/29 (Wed.) 01:40:03 Oekaki time: 41 minutes, 31 seconds

"For Pavel."


Dildo Attack  By Osiris N

Osiris N  2002/11/5 (Tue.) 12:29:52

"Just a nice night down at the pub with Tha Pig just quaffin a few beers and talkin about past adventures...then POW! I get this vibrating headache!
"You probably have a pre-mature hangover" Said Pinton, on his 3rd beer.
"I haven't even got onto my 2nd!" I said, rubbing my cranium. "I'm not a lightweight...ow...did someone throw something at..."


Great galloping gilbert!!! The dildo attacks again! And its headed towards Pinton! Zounds!

"Figures," Thinks Pinton, "And I forget my Ray-gun at home...shit."


Pinton Fanart  by Eff

Eff  2002/10/19 (Sat.)


Smoking Pig  by Hobart Starr

Hobart Starr  Oekaki time: 21 minutes, 19 seconds


Oops! She looks hungy!  By Leigh Anna

Leigh Anna   Oekaki time: 21 minutes, 1 second

"For Pinton the Pig!!"


Pinton  By Osiris N

Osiris N   Oekaki time: 4 minutes, 18 seconds

"Been readin' the comics and I love 'em! Thanks, Tha Pig!"

Tha Pig, By Dejection (I don't find it very flattering, but she is a fan!)

Title: Tha Pig

Date Complete: August 14, 2002

Comments: "Fanart for Tha Pig, because he is one of my all time favorite artists on Oekaki."


To celebrate his hundredth entry in Dave’s Oekaki, Waccoon made this great drawing of all the main participants, including me.

Waccoon  2002/7/31  Oekaki time: 3 hours, 29 minutes, 3 seconds

"My 100th Oekaki! Thanks to all these people for making Oekaki BBS's some of the coolest things on the Internet! From top left:

Top Row: Dave Kelly, Leighanna, Wicabeth, Karna, Corona, "GT" Ben, Seraph (I think).

Mid Row: Helen S., Surebei Neko, Hentai Hec, Alan Foreman, Flarn, Squirrel Boi, Guppy, Nani Moose.

Bottom Row: Keisuke, Rosko, Archella, The Pig, RooCat, Random J, Tea San, XOD!"



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