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Love and Hate




The Little Mermaid. Acrylic on canvas


Homage to H. R. Giger


Published on Tattoo Magazine (August 09)



Another cover project. This is the "mature" version. In the final version her breast are covered.


 Dog. Ink drawing.


Horsefish. Acrylic on canvas.

Apocaliptic   Flying Pig.   Switch.  
Post Apocalyptic Pig. Pinton roams the war-torn wasteland.  

Flying pig. Old ink drawing from 1992, colored in the computer.


I see things like this in my dreams. This is one of the pretty ones.


Armored Pig. Mobile Infantry Power Suit. Pig model.

  Fanart for Cy-Boar, the other bad ass porcine webcomic hero.
Cy-Boar is Copyright Lou Graziani.

Moebia watering the flowers.

  Abducted   Chicken.  
  This was a friend's request. Pinton abducted by aliens.   Someone told me I should try drawing something cute for a change.. like little birds...