My name is Pavel and I have been writing and drawing Futurepig as a hobby for more than 40 years.

I created the character Pinton the Pig when I was a kid and I have continued drawing his adventures all my life.

This comic has run uninterrupted across different media since the 1970s. First in school notebooks (where class notes should have been) later as hand-made comic books that passed around friends and relatives.


For short time they were published in different magazines (in Spanish, Portuguese, German and English) and eventually found a home on the Internet.

I have sporadically worked as cartoonist and illustrator, but I don't consider myself a professional artist. I keep this page for the fun of it.

My working method is pretty traditional. I still draw with pencil and pens. In recent years I have embraced digital technology, but I use the computer mostly to add color and text to my hand-inked pages.


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Useless trivia about my comic and characters

-I discovered I loved drawing when I was three years old and made my first crude comic book when I was five.

-Pinton is named after Pinto Beans which are spotted. Originally my pig character had spots, but it was boring to draw them all the time so in one of my earliest comics I drew him losing the spots after taking a shower.

-When I registered a domain for my comic "Pinton" was already taken, so I chose "Futurepig" inspired by Iron Maiden's song "Futureal".

-My love for the alien and weird started in the early seventies when I saw a preview of the movie "La Plančte sauvage". I somehow convinced my parents to allow me to watch it, despite being played at 11:00 pm., way past my bedtime. They insisted it didn't look appropriate for kids, but let me watch on the condition I would not come crying it gave me nightmares. This movie blew my still-developing mind and changed my life forever. It was equally beautiful and terrifying. From that moment on, my drawing would contain strange extraterrestrial creatures and Pinton adventures would take him to distant worlds.
1985 Futurepig

-At one moment my parents became so disturbed by my constant drawings of alien monsters they took me to a child psychologist. They were told it was just a phase that would go away. It didn't.
-I first started drawing "adventures" with the pig character as the sole hero. By nine years old I had fallen in love with Science Fiction and Pinton became a space pilot. I created a few other characters to give him a crew and companions. Only two of them became permanent main characters. Gordifito a sentient vegetable and Doctor Jlax-Mlox; for whom I tried to create an unpronounceable alien name. I drew many adventures with that crew, always putting them in exotic planets inhabited by weird aliens, dinosaurs, or Ancient Egyptians.

When I was a teenager I discovered the work of great artists like Moebius and Bilal, who were a great influence in the look of my art. Science fiction movies like Alien and Blade Runner also left a deep impact on me. In general, the universe where my comic takes place is a 1980's movie version of the future (a low budget one)
1989 Futurepig