The Bottoms Up Grade

An all new adventure starts

After a long trip hauling cargo, Pinton and his crew go to a bar for some beers while the ship is unloaded. They drink, relax, talk about different topics and stumble into a plot involving time travel, prostitution, and a brain-eating cult.

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Regular Storyline

Since the comics are not updated with any logical regularity they are not organized by date but by highlights in the storyline. It can be read from any of the following points.



A new character, Berenjilda of Ridgelon joins the crew.



Pinton is in mortal danger and robots revolt against their masters.

The slaves are finally free... or are they?



Pinton and Doctor Jlax-Mlox run into a secret slave trade operation...

Two new characters: Claure and Sunulu joint the action.


After rebuilding a derelict spaceship Pinton and his crew return to space to reunite with his friend in Planet Tuguria.

Their first scale is a space station known as Jumport 23.

In a flashback to the past, Gamufio the Tugurian remembers his troubled childhood and how he learned martial arts from Pinton.

The ultimate destiny and the future of the networked planet is revealed.

After an experiment ends in catastrophe, Pinton's spaceship crashes in an asteroid.

They are rescued by Flekm but crash-land again, this time in a jungle-covered planet inhabited by a mysterious race of networked creatures.


Previous Stories

Beer Bandits

After two dirigibles full of beer disappear without trace, Pinton is hired to pilot and defend the third one.


The last survivor of an extinct civilization is a 300 year old librarian with a moral dilemma.

A new character joins Pinton's crew!

Survival Week

Pinton tests himself by staying seven days in the desert without any modern commodities... But things don't go exactly as planed.

Route Eleven

A gang of outlaws tries to steal Pinton's motorcycle.


The Price of Your Skin

Pinton rescues a girl from two street thugs and takes her to his apartment. Next day he finds his one-night-stand left him in the middle of a war between drug smugglers and a mysterious race of lizards that live under the city’s sewers. (40 pages)

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(Graphic Novel)

Older Comics

Double Date

Pinton invites two girls to dinner... at the same time.


Pigs Can Fly  

Pirates kidnap Pinton's girlfriend. Big mistake!